De Maremma Natuurpark

Maremma Natuurpark


65 km van het Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Toscane: The Parco Naturale della Maremma was founded in 1975 and covers over 100 square kilometers. It extends from the strip of Maremma coast - from Principina to Talamone - to the east as far as the Via Aurelia, and is bordered by the sea to the south and west. In the southern part of the park lies a high and eroded coastal cliff. It is a beautiful conserved area, revealing a landscape from Tuscany's past.


North of the Ombrone
North of the Ombrone River extends a plane covered by the marshes of Trappola: an extensive network of temporary and permanent ponds separated by small dunes. The wild Maremma cattle are a special feature of this park area. The upland waters here are an important refuge for birds, especially those who migrate in the winter. The areas farther from the sea have been reclaimed and are now covered by farms.


Left of the Ombrone Deltas
On the left side of the Ombrone Deltas extends an area characterized by a dune system with swampy lowlands the are almost completely covered by a pine forest. The function of these beach pines is to protect the hinterland from the harmful effects of the salt winds.

Central and Southern Areas
The central and southern parts of the nature park are dominated by the mountains of Uccellina, a complex of limestone and sand. These mountains are now almost completely covered with thick scrub vegetation. In the eastern area, at the foot of the mountains, the land has been deforested and converted to pastures and olive groves. Old towers and religious buildings rise from these mountains. Structures of note include: The Abbey of San Rabano, the towers of Castel Marino Collelungo, Cala di Forno and Bella Marsilia. Even prehistoric finds dating back to the Paleolithic Period have been found in caves at the mountains' base.